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Each podcast episode is accompanied by questions for individual reflection and group discussion.

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23Mentoring & Discipling Series – Part 1: The Selection of Strong Mentors
22The Mushrooming World of Disintermediation
21Daniel’s Relevance to Leaders – Relevancy #3: Lifetime Ambassador
20The John Boyd Series – Part 1: Building Snowmobiles
19Differentiation, Backward and Forward!
18Finance Focus #2: Risk-Reward
17On Pursuing Fame
16Amazon, Walmart, A&P, and Your Enterprise
15The Vital Importance of Rightly Applying History
14Daniel’s Relevance to Leaders – Relevancy #2: Competence
13Boeing and Ethics Dimensions of Cutting-Edge Technology
12A Blockbuster Idea for a Netflix Movie
11Finance Focus #1: Is Your Use of Debt Good or Bad?
10The Evergreen Target of Being an Elite Knowledge Worker
9The Risks of Mt. Everest vs. Mars Hill
8Feeling Like Adam in Your Economics?
7Why Strong Leaders Devour Book Reviews
6Daniel’s Relevance to Leaders – Relevancy #1: Time and Place
5General Electric and the Same Great Challenge Your Organization Faces
4Tariffs, the Chicken Tax, and Neighbors
3The Epic Opportunities That Uncertainty Creates
2Benchmarking to the Uniquely Best for Extraordinary Results
1Full-Time Ministry for Every Christian

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